Sunday, July 26, 2009

SQL Server Interview Questions -- Part 9 (SSIS part 1)

81. What is SSIS ?
Ans: SQL Server Integration Services -- commonly known as SSIS is the new platform, that was introduced in SQL Server 2005, for data transformation and data integration solutions. This replaced the DTS in SQL Server 2000.

82. Name a few SSIS components ?
Integration Services Projects
Integration Services Packages
Control Flow Elements
Data Flow Elements
Integration Services Connections
Integration Services Variables
Integration Services Event Handlers
Integration Services Log Providers

83. What is a project in SSIS ?
Ans: A project in SSIS is a container for deleoping packages.

84. What is a package in SSIS ?
Ans: SSIS is created in Business intelligence development studio (BIDS), which is nothing but a visual studio, Package is nothing but an object. It implements the functionality of ETL -- Extract, Transform and Load -- data.

85. What are the 4 elements (tabs) that you see on a default package designer in BIDS ?
Ans: Control Flow, Data Flow, event Handler and package explorer.

86. What is a Control flow element in SSIS ?
Ans: Control flow element is one that performs any function or provide structure or control the flow of the elemtents. There must be at least one control flow element in the SSIS package.

87. What is a data flow element in SSIS ?
Ans: All ETL tasks related to data are doen by data flow elements. It is not necessary to have a data flow element in the SSIS package.

88. What are the 3 different types of control flow elements in SSIS ?
1. Structures provided by Containers
2. Functionality provided by Tasks
3. Precedence constraints that connect the executables, containers, and tasks into an ordered control flow.

89. What are the 3 data flow components in SSIS ?
1. Source
2. Transformation
3. Destination

90. What are connections and connection managers in SSIS ?
Ans: Connection as its name suggests is a component to connect to any source or destination from SSIS -- like a sql server or flat file or lot of other options that SSIS provides.connection manager is a logical representation of a connection.

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