Friday, September 25, 2009

22 years to get Green Card

As we talked about earlier, USCIS has redesigned their website and has lot of information in the new website.

The one I am really interested in is Green Card information (Permanent Residency in US). It has very clear information on how to get green card, what the forms are, how to check the status online and so on. One information that was really missing all these years was to know how many applications are pending for my country of chargeabilty (India) for my Employment based Green Card (EB3). Now, we have that information in the newly designed website.

I have taken my case and come up with my analysis of when I might get my green card.

My priority date is June 26, 2007 in EB3 India. From the actual data PDF given in USCIS website, there are 62607, I-485 applications pending. Of this there are about, 61000 applications are in queue, before the my priority date. As per the current USCIS rules, there can only be about 2800 EB3 India approvals per year. This means, unless there is a new law, it will take about 22 years from today for me to get a Green Card.

This link explains you what the data is -- Click here

This links has the actual data from where the images above are taken -- Click here

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  1. There are big changes on the Way.. If every thing worked according to Mathematical calculations.. then there wouldn't be Probability and Statistics.. So what's are your chances?

  2. What I dont understand is how the tables have 'Pending I485' with priority dates in 2008 & 2009 when those dates have never been current??