Monday, June 11, 2012

July Visa Bulletin

July 2012 Visa Bulletin was released today. Dates for EB2 India and EB2 China is 'U' or Unavailable. For EB3 India it is 22 SEP 02 and EB3 China it is 22 SEP 05.

As expected and told by DOS, the EB2 India and China categories are Unavailable. They confirm that it is going to be the same till Sept 2012 Visa Bulletin.

What is new in this Visa Bulletin is there has been a cut-off date established for EB2-ROW, EB2-Mexico and EB2-Philippines. It is 01 JAN 09. These categories where current in the last visa bulletin. DOS also mentions that these categories might become Unavailable before the end of the fiscal year.

It was mentioned in June 2012 visa bulletin that, EB1 category might also have a cutoff date. But, it is not mentioned in this Visa Bulletin. We need to wait and watch what is going to happen.

So, all these comes down to, DOS/USCIS miscalculated the demand. Looks like, they had approved lot more of EB2-India and EB2-China Green Cards earlier this year. What it means for whoever is waiting is, they will have to wait longer, if USCIS decides to go back to earlier methodology of waiting till last quarter of next year to approve Green Cards for FY2013.

As expected, EB3 India is moving at one week per month pace. For EB3 India, it is going to move at this pace only till there is a legislative change. The reason being there is no spill over to EB3 India category. Hence only about 2800 green cards are given for this category every year.

To view the July 2012 Visa Bulletin -- Please Click Here

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  1. Looks like EB2 India is gone as well like Eb3 . Definitely needs a legislative change , to end the suffering of the legal immigrants

  2. Thanks for deailed analysis
    Any idea When can we see Eb2 date will come back to 2010 again.
    seems we are gone ....

  3. Very informative post! Can't wait for your next visa bulletin update for September. I am sure it must be much more interesting.

  4. informative Post!Thanks for sharing...