Thursday, December 26, 2013

Happy New Year 2014

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year 2014 !!!

Lets hope 2014 be the year that will come as a relief for all legal immigrants in US.

Let us hope one or more of this happens in 2014 -- either through direct executive order from the President or through bill(s) that become law:

  • A one time recapture of 300,000 immigrant visas (Green Cards) that were lost over the years.
  • Exempt dependents of the primary applicants from Employment-Based immigrant visa quota.
  • Exempt applicants with STEM degree from US university from quota.
  • Exempt doctors from the quota.
  • Increase the employment based quota from 140,000 to a higher number.
  • Anything else that gives relief....

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  1. :) Wish you and your family a Happy New Year too ...

  2. Wishing you a Happy and Wonderful New Year.

    Keep up the good work.


  3. Hi,

    As you mentioned about "A one time recapture of 300,000 immigrant visas", do you think there is a chance for this? Is there any talk going on about this? Do you think this could happen before we get to see the immigration bill passed?


  4. Hi..i have a question...i see 36000 as total demand in eb2 category till Jan 2010. Does this 36000 indicate the primary applicant or the applicant and their families together?? Can anyone help??

    1. Yes. It can be primary or dependents in that.

  5. Dear Ambals,
    Would you know if USCIS processes in order of receipt date or priority date?
    My PD was EB3I Oct 1 2004. I ported to EB2 and filed for 485 in September 2013. My case is still in Acceptance status. No movement.. Any idea what might be blocking the movement?

    1. It is receipt date.
      In your case, it is more than 90 days, so you should call USCIS.

  6. I got a fingerprinting appointment, even though the my priority date is not current( eb2 date was current in nov, ). but not my ead/ap yet. does that mean i will be getting my ap soon?

  7. Hello Ambal,
    Do you foresee either through direct executive order from the President or through bill(s) that become law?

  8. Wish you a very Happy New Year too. Just want to let you know you are doing a great service by maintaining this blog... Thanks again.

  9. Thank you for you service - Wishing you great and all your dreams come true!!!

  10. Thanks for your blog!!

    Two questions

    1) eb3 pd 20-Nov-2008 ( i140 approved ) when I was working for Employer A, then I left Employer A, Employer A revoked i140. Joined Employer A after 3 years. He is ready to do my GC under EB2. Can we port the same old labor date when filing new i140 under eb2 I.e. 20-nov-2008.
    2) when pd eb2 20-Nov-2008 will be current?

  11. Happy New year to you and family.... keep up the good work.