Wednesday, June 10, 2009

July 2009 visa bulletin

The July 2009 visa bulletin is out. In the Employment based Green Card category, EB1 is still current for all the countries. EB2 for India and China is still 01 Jan 2000. Basically, if you priority date is 1999 or earlier, then you can get your green card anytime now :) Eb3 is unavailable for all the countries. Rest all are current.

Reference: July 2009 Visa Bulletin

It says, there can be about 140,000 green cards given out per year. In this each employment based category can get about 28.6%. But, there is a per country limit of about 7%. For Example, for EB2 India, (140,000 * 28.6%) *7% is approximately 2800 green cards. All this time, there was spill over from EB1 India, which means there were not enough applicants in that category so, it can be given to EB2. But, this year they say there are enough applicants already in EB1 category, so there is no spill over.

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