Friday, June 26, 2009

Name check for green card applicants

USCIS and FBI came up with a plan to clear all the backlogs with a road map, last year. This week USCIS has announced that they have cleared the backlog. Their goal now is to clear 98% of every name check requirement in 30 days and the remaining 2% within 90 days.

This is a good news for all the Green card applicants, especially the ones on EB2 and Eb3 -- from India and China, who are already waiting for years to come for their application to get cleared. Adding to this misery, they were waiting for ever for their names and the backgrounds to be checked and cleared by FBI before the Green Card was issued.

I think USCIS is moving in the right direction and everything is looking positive with I-140 premium processing re-introduced, FBI name check backlogs completely cleared and finally, President Obama talking about immigration reforms and especially, trying to refine the process for legal immigrants to become permanent residents of United States. I sincerely hope that there will be immigration reform and the backlog in EB2 and Eb3 category is removed soon.

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