Saturday, June 20, 2009

SQL Server Interview Questions -- Part 4

31. What are the new spatial datatypes in sql server 2008 ?
Ans: Geography and Geometry. Flat data -- such as planar is supported by the geometry data type. Round earth data, such as latitude and longitude, is supported by the geography data type.

32. What is new in date time in sql server 2008 ?
Ans: In the previous versions of SQL server, date and time cannot be stored seperately. In 2008, there are 2 new seperate datatypes -- date and time.

33. What is the new hierarchyid data type in sql server 2008 ?
Ans: Hierarchyid is new datatype introduced to easily store hierarchy data such as organisational structure.

34. What is sparse column in sql server 2008 ?
Ans: A sparse column is a special type of column that has been optimized for columns that has lot of null values. It is recommended to declare a column sparse, if the column has or is expected to have more than 20% null.

35. What is new in Filtered Indexes and Statistics in sql server 2008 ?
Ans: In 2008, we indicate filtered indexes and statistics on specific subset of rows, that are well defined, like the ones that has null.

36. what is new in lock escalation in sql server 2008 ?
Ans: Lock Escalation option in alter table of 2008 allows disabling of lock escalation on the table.

37. How is error handling different in sql serve 2008 ?
Ans: Finally, sql server 2008 allows use of try..catch to handle errors.

38. What is new in sql server 2008 TDE ?
Ans: There is a new option for the who database to be automatically encrypted using Transparent data encryption (TDE).

39. What is new in backup in sql server 2008 ?
Ans: Backup Compression in sql server 2008 supports compressing the backups and storing at a less disk space.

40. What is news in Audting in sql server 2008 ?
Ans: customized audits of database events can be created using SQL Server 2008 Audit functionality.

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