Wednesday, June 24, 2009

SQL Server Interview Questions -- Part 5

41. What is Resource Governor in SQL Server 2008 ?
Ans: The Resource Governor is a tool given by SQL Server 2008 to control and allocate CPU and memory resources depending on the priority of applications.

42. What is External key management in SQl Server 2008 ?
Ans: If there is a way to store key and data to be stored seperately on the encryption, it is the best way for security. External Key Management enables this and allows keys to be stored by third-party.

43. What is the new buzz word LINQ to SQL in 2008 ?
Ans: .NET 3.5's solution for querying SQL is Language Integrated Query (LINQ) to SQL where in tables are stored as objects.

44. What is Table-Valued Parameters in SQL Server 2008 ?
Ans: Table-Valued Parameters (TVPs) are the output or input parameters of stored procedures that can accept or return table as parameters rather than just one value at a time as in earlier versions of SQL Server.

45. What is Large User Defined Type in SQL Server 2008 ?
Ans: In SQL Server 2008, large user-defined types (UDTs) can create custom user defined data type of size limit of 2 GB compared to the previous 8 KB.

46. What is new in backup compression in SQL Server 2008 ?
Ans: Backup can be compressed in sql serevr 2008 without actually compressing the database itself. The is data automtically decompressed when data is restored.

47. What is hot add CPUs in SQL Server 2008 ?
Ans: One of the new features in SQL Hot-add CPUs. This feature allows the addition of extra CPUs to the server without having to actually shutdown the server.

48. What is special of Data encrytion in SQL Server 2008 ?
Ans: In SQL Server 2008, data can be encrypted and stored securely by Transparent Data Encryption.

49. Name one CLR improvement in SQL Server 2008.
Ans: Common Language Runtime (CLR) has table-valued functions. Now, to run the query more efficiently, an order clause can be used in the create function.

50. What is spatial index in SQL Server 2008 ?
Ans: SQL Server 2008 introduced the support for spatial datatypes as new feature. The index that is created on a spatial column in the table is called spatial index.

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  1. Question 47 is interesting. Who want to add CPU without shutdown the server?