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Guiltless Gobi Manchurian (Manchurian style cauliflower Stir fry)

Me and Ganesh are big fans of Gobi Manchurian. Whenever we go to any indo-chinese food joint, this is definitely top in our list.But being health conscious, it feels guilty eating deeply fried food. Its hard to convince your mind and yet enjoy the amazingly tasting Manchurian. So I figured out a recipe which tastes pretty close to the REAL gobi manchurian, made in minimal oil. So here is my recipe for Guiltless Gobi Manchurian:

Guiltless Gobi Manchurian (Manchurian style cauliflower Stir fry)

Serves 4
1 large Cauliflower cut into medium sized pieces.
1 large Onion cut into large square pieces
1 large Capsicum (Green Bell Pepper) cut into large square pieces
1 pinch Garam Masala
Soy sauce or salt to taste

For Marinating:
2 cups Maida (All purpose flour)
pinch of turmeric
salt to taste
Approx. 2 spoons of chilli powder (varies as per spice levels)
Approx. 1 spoon of crushed black pepper
Oil spray (the 0 calories ones you get in grocery stores - I specifically like the butter flavored ones). If Oil spray is not available, you can substitute it with 2 spoons of regular cooking oil.

1.Cut cauliflower in medium sized pieces.
2. Wash and keep aside to drain off excess water.
3.Spray oil on the cauliflower pieces. Alternatively, add oil and mix well.
4. In a separate bowl, mix maida, salt, chilli powder and black pepper.
5. This is the time you want to adjust the spice and salt level of the mixture.
6. Sprinkle the mixture on the cauliflower pieces while tossing them carefully, such that all the pieces have a thin layer of marinate mixture. You can spray another layer of oil spray in the end if you feel the mixture is too dry and wont stick to cauliflower pieces.
7. Set aside this marinated cauliflower for about 2 hours.
8. In a flat wok (kadhai), heat some oil and fry onions and capsicum (bell pepper). Sprinkle a pinch of garam masala to add the flavor. Add soy sauce or salt depending on your preference. Make sure onion and bell pepper are still half cooked.
9. In a separate wok (kadhai), semi-cook the cauliflower mixture. Additional oil is not necessary. Alternatively, you can spread the cauliflower pieces in a plate and microwave it for 5 mins on high.
10. In a broad pan like tava or a skillet, on high heat, mix the cauliflower and onion-capsicum mixture such that it sizzles. Serve sizzling hot.

1. For cauliflower : Fill a large bowl with water and salt and soak the cut cauliflower for 15 mins to kill germs inf any. (I don't know if this works, but I have seen my mother doing this for years and I picked it from there). Wash the cauliflower thoroughly and set it aside for excess water to drain out.
2.If you like the garlic-like smell and taste, mince some garlic and fry it with onion.
3. To add more restaurant-like look, add edible red color to the cauliflower. Personally, I never add color since I like the colors from chilli powder and turmeric.

I have tried this recipe alteast 10 times till date will slight variations each time. So far we have been liking it. Yesterday I cooked it for a few friends. I would say it was well appreciated. So give it a shot and let me know.

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