Tuesday, July 7, 2009

MBA Course work in US

A typical MBA course work in US is little different than the course work that is offered by Masters in science or engineering department. Of course it is completely depends on which school you are in and more importantly the professor teaching the course.

A regular masters course in science or engineering is catergorized by quizzes, tests, projects, lab assignments and working long hours in front of computer or circuit board or chemistry lab. while a regular MBA course is all about case studies. Most likely, a real world case study which is written by Harvard Business Review is taken and analyzed in the class. Few professors ask 4-5 students to form a team and ask them to present it to the class. The key to understand here is, there is no right or wrong answer. The approach is what is important and how well you defend your approach and answer itself.

Few MBA courses are mostly about group projects done within or outside the university. Exicting ones are done in corporate world. You get lot of information and learn more on problem solving approaches used and are successful.

In general, MBA courses seldom have tests, except may be, accounting and Finance courses. It is more about class attendance, class discussions, group presentation and individual presentation skills. Most of them are more about SWOT -- Strength Weakness Oppurtunites and Threats analysis of a business or case or problem in hand.

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