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Oil-free mango pickle (Amba Loncha, Manga Thokku)

Since I was a kid, I have always being looking forward for summer season. Coming from Kokan (coastal strip in Maharashtra) - where mangoes are in abundance, our summers have been all about mangoes. Eating Alphonso mangoes, fresh mango pickles -this is one thing I really miss being in US. I don't know about rest of US, but I can say that, the variety of Indian vegetables and fruits sold in Indian Grocery Stores in Dallas-FortWoth area has tremendously improved over last couple of years.This summer I got these amazing raw mangoes from one of the Desi stores. The moment I saw them, all my cravings of amba-panha (its a raw mango drink we make typically in the month of Chaitra), ambe-daal (again, another dish made from raw mango and channa daal during Chaitra) and ofcourse fresh mango pickle were revived. I decided to make mango pickle like my mother and grandmother makes. Only this time I decided to go oil-free. Turns out - this pickle was really a very healthy version of pickle since all the oil factor was ruled out. So I decided to post it and share the recipe.

Oil-free mango pickle (Amba Loncha, Manga Thokku)

2 large Raw Mangoes (peeled and cut in fine pieces)
4 table spoons lemon juice
3 table spoons ready made achar masala (I personally like Bedekar Loncha Masala)
Salt to taste
Chilli powder to taste
1. If the mango peel is too thick, lightly peel it to remove the bitter taste.
2. Chop mango into really fine pieces. Finer the pieces, softer and flavorful will they get.
3. Add Salt and Chili powder and set aside for 30 mins.
4. Add pickle masala (achar masala, loncha masala) to mango and mix well.
5. Finally add lemon juice.
6. Leave the mixture at room temperature for about 3 hours.
7. Store the mixture in fridge.
This instant pickle should be ready to eat after approx 12 hours from the mixing time.
1. Its a good idea to store the pickle in porcelain or glass containers to avoid any metal reactions.
2. Pickle stays fresh for about a month.
3. Instead of readymade pickle masala, you can grind and make your own pickle masala.
4. This exact same recipe can be made by substituting mango with carrot for carrot pickle, cauliflower for cauliflower pickle, or combination of few vegetables like cauliflower, carrot, mango, peas for mix veg pickle. Remember to cut cauliflower real small to enjoy the pickle taste.

Next in my agenda is to make raw turmeric and ginger pickle. I will post the recipe as soon as I have some photos ready.

Meanwhile, try out this pickle. I am sure it will satisfy your craving for pickles, at the same time, provide a relatively healthy alternative for oily pickles.

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  1. Thats right it is niced about manga thokku but some marathi and hindi nomenclatures deivanai and i could not understand. For example achar masala, Bedekar loncha masala.So Ganesh kindly help us to undersstand with tamil equivalent.
    Aditi, the methodlogy , or rationale you adopt for delivering the receipe instruction is too nice to understand like ingredients,method and finally tips

  2. Thanks for the comments!
    "achar masala, Bedekar loncha masala" - both mean actually the same. Its the powdered pickle base. "Bedekar" is just a brand I prefer if I am using readymade pickle base. I do have a recipe to make the powered base. I will post it if there are any requests.
    - Aditi.

  3. Hey Aditi,
    This is Aruna from Australia. Cool recipe! Would like to try it out here. But ya, please post the recipe for the pickle base / achar masala. Will try though if I can get some readymade stuff here.
    Good luck and keep writing...

  4. hi didi,
    thats a gr8 recipe.. i'll surely try it out soon.
    please do send the achar masala recipe asap so that i can gt started with it.....
    Keep making such unusual healthy stuff and don't forget to share its recipe...
    All the Best

  5. Aruna and Anushree,
    Thanks! Yes I will post the pickle masala recipe.
    Yes it is very exciting to cook oil-free and healthy recipes. If you read my blog on "Guiltless Gobi Manchurian", you will know what I am talking about.
    Look out for more recipes. Thanks for reading and commenting.
    happy blogging...!!!