Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Meeting Senator (IV) is a non-profit organisation working for easing the painful process, LEGAL immigrants in US are going through to get the Green Card.

As per IV's suggestion, and doing the 22 years to get Green Card analysis, I asked for an appointment to meet Texas state Senator John Cornyn. I got a call from Senator's office to first meet one of his staff.

Me and my wife, along with 4 other friends, went yesterday to meet Senator John Cornyn's North Texas Depty Regional Director -- J.Collin McLochlin.

The meeting went really well. Collin was nice enough to hear our specific problems, he listened patiently and took notes about IV, the solutions document given by IV which includes request to remove per country limit and give quota exempt for applicants with Masters Degree in one of the STEM fields from a US university.

I gave a hard copy of all our personal problem documents describing our personal hurdles in getting Green Card and also the IV documents. I also made a CD of all these documents and gave it to him.

Collin said he will pass on all the suggestions to the senator and seek his support.

We are hoping to meet another Senator and local US Congressman soon.

Whoever is waiting for the Green Card, if we all can do our part of meeting the senators and local congressman, I strongly believe we can help ourselves, get our green cards faster.

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  1. Good Job man!
    Unlike majority of people who are complaining, you are directing your frustration to finding a solution.

    Nicely done!