Friday, October 30, 2009

When will I get my green card

Immigration Voice is a 501 c 4 registered non-profit organization acting as an interface between legal immigrants waiting for green card and the legislative and executive branches of the government.

They have a new link on their website,When will I get my green card, you can login and give your priority date, it will tell your expected Green Card date.

The neat feature is they have a spillover box, based on 2008 USCIS statistics, they will calculate the spill over specific to your case and give it to you.

What is Spillover?
Spillover is the based on the rule from USCIS that more than the alloted Green Cards can be given to EB2 category, if EB1 is not completely filled. For example, per year if only 1000 EB1 green cards are given for India, then the remaining 1800 can be given to EB2 India along with already allowed 2800.

Please check it out. It is really neat, a more liberal number I would say.

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