Saturday, January 23, 2010

Analysis -- I 485 applications pending for India

In Dec 2009, USCIS released the updated list for pending Green Card I-485 applications.

For EB2 India, the total number was 47,728 when it was first officially released in Aug 2009. Now, the number now is 40,022 applications. While it appears that about 7000 I 485 has been cleared, it looks more like correction of error. For example, for year 2007, aug 2009 release had 10, 467 applications, for year 2008, it showed 178 applications pending and for year 2009 it showed 8 applications. The latest numbers, shows zero for 2008 and 2009 and 2007 is 9930. The dec 2009 number makes more sense, because, the priority date was latest in aug 2007. So, there should not be any pending applications from sept 2007. This was not the case in Aug 2009 release, which is corrected in dec 2009 numbers.

The Feb 2010, visa bulletin has EB2 India priority date as 22 JAN 05. This is reflected in the 2004 numbers being reduced to 611 from 6324. Also, Jan 2005 numbers has been reduced from 712 to 291. Again, this huge change can be a correction as well or cleared GCs.

Very similarly, Eb3 India had 62,607 and has now reduced to 60,874. The Feb 2010 visa bulleting has priority date for EB3 India as 22 JUN 01. This is reflected in the reduction of 2001 numbers from 1630 to 1511.

Now the numbers have stabilized and looks more correct, we will be able to watch it and see the progress. This will give a better understanding of how many Employment Based GCs are given every year on EB2 India and Eb3 India.

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