Wednesday, August 11, 2010

September 2010 Visa Bulletin -- EB2 India 08 MAY 2006

The September 2010 visa bulletin was released today.

In the Employment based Green Card category, EB3 has same date of 01 JAN 02 for India and new date of 22 OCT 03 for EB3 China. The new date for EB2 India and EB2 China is 08 MAY 06. EB1, EB4 and EB5 categories for all the countries are current.

This is a great news for EB2 India since the dates have moved from July 2010 visa bulletin of 01 OCT 05 to 01 MAR 06 (August 2010) to 08 May 06 (September 2010). EB3 India showed very slow movement last bulletin and nothing this time.

Looks like the petitions and calls from various organisations to sync up the visa bulletin and USCIS visa numbers are working.

Now the bigger question is what will happen next month. September being the last month of the fiscal year, will the EB2 keep going forward or will move back or stay the same ?

Reference: U.S.Department of State website

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