Friday, February 11, 2011

Mar 2011 Visa Bulletin and analysis on India numbers

March 2011 Visa Bulletin is out and the priority dates are 08 May 06 for EB2 India and 15 Mar 02 for EB3 India. For china the numbers are 01 JAN 04 for EB3 and 08 JUL 06 for EB2.

The India EB2 number has been 08 May 06 from September 2010 bulletin. The EB3 India has moved 21 days from the last visa bulletin and has moved 1 month and 28 days since October 2010 visa bulletin.

I was bit disappointed to see EB2 not moving even in this month. I was hoping for it to move little bit. I still feel, EB2 India will move forward quite a bit, by Sept 2011 -- may be to 01 APR 2007.

Department of state has released the number of green cards issued last year. 6,741 who were under EB1 India; 19,961 from EB2 India and 2,856 from EB3 India. This is the first time the numbers are so high in EB1 and EB2 India categories. If the same visas are given this year also on EB2 India category, then the backlog will reduced a lot in that category.

For EB3 India, it is going to move at this pace only till there is a legislative change.

To view the March 2011 Visa Bulletin -- Click Here
To view the number of Green Cards issued last year -- Click Here

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  1. It is rightly said that it will take only a legislative change to make the EB3 india going. The numbers are huge and the procedure is very long.