Thursday, May 12, 2011

June 2011 Visa Bulletin - EB2 India 15 OCT 06

June 2011 Visa Bulletin is out and the priority dates are 15 Oct 06 for EB2 India and 22 Apr 02 for EB3 India. For china the numbers are 15 Apr 04 for EB3 and 15 Oct 06 for EB2.

The India EB2 number has been 08 May 06 from September 2010 bulletin. Finally, we saw 2 months of movement for EB2 India in May 2011 Visa Bulletin. Now we have seen another 3.5 months. Hope this continues. The EB3 India has moved 7 days from the last visa bulletin -- that was pretty much expected.

This month's visa bulletin indicates that, the "upgrade" is less than expected, from EB3 to EB2 category applicants who has their chargeability country as India. It also says that the per country/category quota for EB2 India is already exhausted and it is already on the spillover track. Last month, USCIS have indicated the reduction in EB1 demand and most of the spill over benefitting Eb2 India. Given all this, I guess we will see more movement for EB2 India in the coming bulletins. We will have to wait and see what the actual numbers turn out to be. But, to be on safer side, the visa bulletin also indicates that if the "upgrade" demand increases, they might have to slow, stop or retrogress.

For EB3 India, it is going to move at this pace only till there is a legislative change.

To view the June 2011 Visa Bulletin -- Click Here

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