Sunday, March 18, 2012

EB2 India dates to retrogress

Couple of days back, Capitol Immigration Lawgroup PLLC and various other lawfirms reported the information on meeting with Mr. Charles Oppenheim, the Chief of the Visa Control and Reporting Division at the U.S. Department of State. According to them, EB2 India dates will likely retrogress to August 2007 in May or June Visa Bulletin.

I was expecting the visa dates to retrogress all along. But was very surprised to see the date to be August 2007. My calculation was more like, about 21000 Green Cards were issued on a average over the last few years to EB2 India category. There are about 1500 applicants per month starting April 2007, the last month date in last FY Visa Bulletin. So, about 14 months should stay current. Given the fact that September 2011 Visa Bulletin had a date of 15 Apr 2007, I thought the date won't retrogress before 15 June 2008. To this fact, lot of folks with priority date in April 2008 or earlier have been getting their green cards. This is also confirmed by Trackitt data.

Now the bigger question is, when the Priority date will move ahead and how much. My guess will be, it will move forward to 15 June 2008 in August 2012 Visa Bulletin. But, what is troubling me is the fact that Mr. Oppenheim has said all the EB1 visas will be exhausted this fiscal year and there won't be any spill-down to EB2. This will give far less than 21000 number to EB2 India. So, we have to wait and watch. Let's hope for the best !

It becomes more important for folks who have priority date between August 2007 and April 2010 to file their I-485 soon. As of now, they have time till 30-April-2012 to file it.

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  1. What does that mean? Would people having priority dates in 2010 end or early 2011 would have to wait 3yrs or will the dates move rapidly again later in the year?

  2. I am single and my priority date is current. Would you suggest to go apply for I-485 or wait until I get married.


  3. Thanks for the update..If i understand correctly...does that mean ...the new Green card applications that will be filed this year will take atleast 5 yrs..?? Does this affect the new applicants is my question..

  4. EB2 dates retrogress to august 2007?didnt expect this.Thought to be retrogress to mid 2008.My priority date (january 2011) to become current its like dream again.When should i expect my PD to become current.When will there be forward movement again.

  5. Hi Aditi/Ganesh,
    My PD is Oct 2010. EB2 India. Any clue when I might be able to file for I485?

  6. My pd is september 2006 under eb2 india(updated from eb3 to eb2). You think i will gc before oct 2012?