Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I-485 inventory May 2012

Today, USCIS published the I-485 inventory as of 3 May 2012.

According to May 2012 inventory, there are about 39,577 EB2 India I-485 applications pending who have priority date prior to 01-May-2010. It also says 49,445 EB3 India applications are pending who have priority date prior to 01-Sept-2007.

April Visa Bulletin had a priority date of 01-May-10 and then it retrogressed to 15-Aug-07 in May 2012 Visa Bulletin. So, this data is a pretty good capture of all the I-485 pending for EB2 India and China folks.

The data shows 15,719 applications pending on EB1 category from all chargeable countries and we don't have any information how many Green Cards has been given on this category, for this fiscal year, yet. But, that seems very high number given that we are only half way through the fiscal year. This is a bad news for EB2 India and China as it will be affect the spillover. And, there are 4904 pending applications just for 2007 priority date for EB2 India, which indicates lot of EB3 to EB2 porting recently when comparing with the previous inventory.

Capitol Immigration Law Group PLLC has published a news article saying they are able to confirm that EB2 India and EB2 China annual visa limit has been reached and we can expect new green cards for those applicants only from 1-Oct-2012.  Again, bad news for EB2 India and China folks.

Earlier today, June 2012 visa bulletin was released and then, now the link is not available. Have to wait and watch what the actual one is going to be. From the looks of it, it is going to be 'U' - Unavailable for the rest of the fiscal year for EB2 India and China.

As for EB3 India, we can expect around 2800 Green Cards to be given every year and the I-485 inventory to move at this very slow rate, unless there is a law change.

To view the I-485 Data from USCIS website -- Please Click Here

Capitol Immigration Law Group PLLC News -- Please Click Here

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  1. The May 2012 demand data (link below) shows "12,650" EB2 India applications pending, may I know the source where you got the 39,577 number from?

  2. so for somebody whose priority date is in 1 may 2010 in eb2 it might take 3-4 yrs assuming there wint be excessive eb3 to eb2 porting. If not tge wait would much longer. As well for China eb2 inventory until april 2010 is less than 9k, which means it would get current for china eb2 in 2013.

  3. Ryan, yoy should look at tge 485 inventory, demand data is misleading, two minths back it was just a two digit figure. It means nothing.