Sunday, June 17, 2012

Still Waiting for Green Card

Last week, National Foundation for American Policy -- non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to public policy research on trade, immigration, education, and other issues of national importance -- released a report based on its analysis. It is on green card wait times for Employment Based category. The paper was possible by a grant from Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation.

It says congress can reform the EB category by: Eliminating Per Country Limit and Providing an exemption from employment-based green card quotas for STEM graduates from a U.S. university

It mentions that the annual limit of 140,000 for employment-based immigrant visas came into effect in 1990 and it has not been touched since, even though the US GDP has tripled. Since, there is no change in law, the backlog has built up especially for folks from India and China. Now, the wait time especially for EB3 folks are in decades. One estimate, in the report, even puts the time to get the green card under EB3 India as 70 years for folks applying now.

It also gives a list of bills currently pending in the congress. Let us hope something good comes out the report and the bills in the congress.

To see the full report on NFAP website -- Please Click Here

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  1. Good one . Hope some Miracle happens to the EB comunity as well

  2. I think this study validates the sentiment relayed by a newspaper article in USA today about 8 months ago. The "skilled workers" contribute to society, create meaningful purpose, maintain a family architecture, and pay taxes. The study relates to STEM, but there are physicians who have to wait for years to get a green card. These doctors are taking care of the population at large. Why are they not given a preference to apply in the EB1 category. Its an extraordinary ability to heal and participate in the health of all the individuals in the US.

  3. Good , informative article. I understood a lot of things easily here instead of reading pages and pages of information available at other places. Keep it going