Thursday, September 27, 2012

Entering US with Advance Parole

Last month, we came to US using our Advance Parole. I had a paper version of Advance Parole and Aditi had the new card version -- which is both EAD and Advance Parole.

This is the first time, we are entering in Advance Parole. We got out of the plane last and we in the line for immigration at EWR -- Newark Liberty International airport. I was watching the people at different immigration counters talking to CBP officers. Whoever has advance parole were taken somewhere by the immigration officer.

When our turn came, I wished the officer and said, "Another Advance Parole". He gave a great sigh. He asked us to do the finger prints and took our picture and said, "walk with me". I asked him what the procedure is. He said he will take us to another floor, where there will second level of immigration check by special officer who handles advance parole cases. He said it is a very normal process for all the "Parolee" to check if everything is ok and valid in our case. He took us to a room in another floor, where there were about 30-35 people waiting -- mostly from India. He asked us to sit in waiting area and he gave our papers to one of the two officers there and left. We were waiting there, while our papers are being processed. After some time, one the officers called my name, we went there and he just gave us the papers. No questions. Nothing. I opened the advance parole paper and saw it had a stamp with last date in advance parole as the validity date. Both our passports where stamped. We are good to go.

I was worried after reading lot of forums and seeing lot of people had mentioned that they were questioned, scrutinized for 45 minutes and all that. But, this was rather smooth, except the extra time to wait.

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  1. Thank you for the insight Ganesh

  2. I came via Chicago a day ago. I was also delayed for 1.5 hours to verify EAD/AP card.

  3. Ganesh - how long was you wait. My wife and I are flying back into EWR in December and I wanted to make sure we don't miss our connection? I'm planning on at least a 3 hour gap at least.

    1. We were able to catch the flight which was 2.5 hours layover.

  4. Thanks for the informative blog. Regards

  5. Not sure why indian community is targeted for second level of immigration check. One of my frd is deported with no reason....

    Another frd from university(BU) didnt get visa while he was in chennai..He was having H1B valid visa and was studing in Boston, went for vacation and got caught in this visa issue...

  6. I came back in 3/12 on EAD With AP Via ORD. I did not have any second level.

  7. Thanks for sharing. My wife and I both have EAD card and paper version of Advance Parole. This information helps us if at all we visit India during EAD.


  8. I entered on EAD/AP in last week of July 2012 on LAX. It took around 30 minutes of wait and couple of questions in second immigration check like my height, weight, eye color and thanks. First was same as yours, no questions asked.

  9. To the person who whined about targeting of Indian community, not the case here boss. I'm assuming majority of AP users are Indians & Chinese. The others don't end up in that state.

  10. h1b still valid and used AP combo card to enter to US. Did this changed the status to parole instead of H1B? What will happen with tax filing. Do we have to file I-9 to use EAD for same emp who is using H1B

  11. I entered US through Dallas with EAD & AP status. The lines for foreign citizens were long but there were a lot of translators/immigration helpers trying to help with documentation. The CBP officer was very jovial and helpful. He took me to a seperate office, to verify and in 15 minutes and 1 question I was asked to get my bags to continue my journey to Cleveland, Ohio.