Thursday, March 4, 2010

EB Green Card reality

Prakash Khatri, one of the nation's leading immigration expert, has written a very informative article with lots of data on Employment Based (EB) Green Card process for persons of Indian and Chinese Origin.

He says, USCIS has finally agreed that it might take as much as 35 years for EB-3 India applicants to get their Green Card.

The article says, in FY 2009, 10,124 applicants got their green card from EB-2 India category and 2,306 from EB-3 India category. Keeping this as basis, it might take another 4.2 years for I-485 pending applicants to get their Green card on EB-2 India and 35.3 years through EB-3 India.

Unless there is a law change, the scenario is pretty bad for us.

From the article:
Prakash Khatri has a national Immigration Law practice ( based out of Washington, DC. He has been practicing law for more than 25 years. He is a nationally recognized expert on Immigration law and process. As the first Citizenship and Immigration Services Ombudsman within the Department of Homeland Security from 2003‐ 2008, Mr. Khatri developed solutions to problems faced by individuals and employers trying to navigate the complex immigration processes of USCIS.

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  1. I think that 35 year figure is a bit inflated. I work with the eb5 green card and I understand there can be delays and headaches, but I would never just look at some frightening statistics and give up on trying because of them, and I would advise others to be the same way.

  2. Thanks for the comment Mike. Yes, for EB5 no issues. For EB3 India, there are 82000 applications pending, they are allowed to give 2800 for this category, every year. But, in FY 2009, they gave only 2300. Straight math, gives an estimated 82000.
    We are not giving up, thats why we are meeting the staff of local Senator, congressman and give them the facts and we are asking them to help us.

  3. Ambals, I can understand this backlog more than some of the United States' other backlogs. This, like the aforementioned eb5 green card seems simply a matter of there not being enough visas to go around. Whereas there is an incredible, multi-year backlog for processing green card applications for immigrants who should be automatically issued them.