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Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act

Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act -- S.744

Normally, I don't want to comment on pending bills. But, there has been many questions regarding this. So, I thought I will write a blog.

Please remember for a bill to become law it has so many hoops to pass. It takes unexpected twists and turns throughout its journey. For now, the bill has passed Senate Judiciary Committee with 13-5 votes. Good part is, it has been introduced by the bipartisan “Gang of Eight” -- 4 senators from Democratic side and 4 Senators from Republican Side. Bad part is, it already has 5 "No" votes. It is expected to be taken up by Senate for debate on June 10. Once it passes the senate, it will go to House committee and then it will go to house for voting. Both Senate and House has to pass the exact bill and then it goes to the President for signature to become law. Just to give an idea on how tough it is, the Senate committee had to deal with about 300 amendments (changes) to the bill. We can expect more in Senate and more in House.

According to the Bill as it stands now, it exempts the following from the green card quota:

1. Folks with Ph.D. 
2. Folks with STEM Masters degree from US University 
3. Spouse and minor children of primary applicant
4. Physicians after completing residency requirements
5. Folks who fall under current EB1 category

It also has among other things:

1. Per country cap elimination
2. Recapure of Visas
3. More H1b quota
4. Provision for H4 to work
5. Giving Green Card to folks currently waiting for 3 years or more

Murthy.Com has a very good summary here

To see the Bill you can check The Library of Congress PDF

To keep up with that Bill check The Library of Congress Status

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  1. Thank you for the post.

  2. "Giving Green Card to folks currently waiting for 3 years or more". Does this apply only to Stem candidates?

  3. who does not know this info already.....thanks for posting anyways...

    1. Ambals, thank you for your helpful insight, as always. You do a great job by keeping us posted.
      Not all of us are as well informed as some others on the internet. Please keep up the good work!!

    2. Thanks Ambals.

    3. Hey Einstein, If you are in USA come out of your Indian mentality of being I-AM-THE-SMART-ASS-OTHERS-ARE-DUMB. Just a suggestion if it helps.

    4. Exactly my thought. If you cannot help, Shut your mouth and let people like Ambal do the favors he is doing for "dumb immigrants like us". (guess you got a sense of false pride of being Smart).
      In fact, if you know this info, Why the hell are you even visiting Ambals blog. To learn Chicken recipes :)

    5. Thanks..and you again proved who you are. Some people never change. Expect more rotten stuff as reply to this post from you and I am gonna stop responding to all those.

    6. wow, lots of reply my honest thought. I did say thanks, right Ambals..

      All of you got internet, right? So start using it and start finding answers by urself.instead of depending on others. u don't need to be Einstein to understand details about this bills or find on internet.
      And yes, I am a smart ass, if you are not then you belong to the people who came to this country by luck or because now a days even the stupidest person can come and not by because you deserve it.
      I like the guy who is writing "dumb immigrants like us". He is honest and got guts to admit..hehe
      To the last response - if you want to stop responding to such comments then why did you write this one...I bet you will write one more after reading this.

      Guys - I follow this blog since a long time and like it. If I can be honest in my opinion and say that now everyone knows these details and its too late to post now then I think I don't deserve such comments. May be Ambals can do a better job and be early in posting details before internet is already flooded with what he is posting.
      Be honest and be positive and chill out guys... All is well

    7. Ha. Mr.einstin wants to judge everyone but doesn't want to be judged by others.

    8. Whoever is looking for HOT NEWS:

    9. Hi Ambals,
      That's actually very much expected. Hopefully if spillovers are better we may end up around june 08 to dec 09. But the problem is that next year again, they will roll dates back and people who have filed in 2010 have lost all hope. Unfortunately, even the CIR bill's prospects look bleak with all opposition in the house.

    10. Sorry meant Jan 2009

    11. Vikas,

      I was judged first...I just clarified...

    12. stop it dude. Be a grown up not a toddler.

      You started all this. That guy asked a question as he was not sure about it and you started picking on him and then you made fun of Ambal's recipe posts.And then you started judging him and then eventually you turned to judge everyone else. Also you showed us that you are too insecure by asking the support of Ambal for your honest thoughts. If you are too confident about your honest thoughts then why are you asking for Ambal's support.
      If you know and thorough about the Immigration reform bill then you should use your knowledge to help others to clarify their questions not to mock them.

      Please use this blog to help and support others not to show your tantrums

    13. Vikas,

      Have you lost your mind...

      who asked a question? i did not reply on anyone's post in this blog...
      Looking support from Ambals... for what?
      Biwi ne khana nahi diya aur boss ne laat maari to yahi pe saari bhadas nikal rahe ho bhai...

    14. Hey Vikas, it's not mr.einstein's fault. It's all about DNA and genes. He is not the only one to be blamed for.

    15. Lol. you are right Senthil. Einstein still has no clue about what his mistake is and trying to prove that he is right. And he still barks about that. I trust the old saying "Barking dogs doesn't bite". Ambal has posted the new visa bulletin analysis. Now let's see Einstein picking on someone else to bark at.

    16. ya i can see who is barking...

      Raj: apna DNA check karao dost..i will guarantee ki jaroor kuch na kuch mix nikelega..if you know what i mean...

    17. Wow!!! just checking the blog after two days and happy to know that not only me found the barking guy with the special DNA, that he is still trying to find where it comes from, is rude and a jerk

      Thanks Vikas and Senthil. I did not wanted to respond to Einstein. But seeing the responses from other readers forced me to express my views even though I know its a waste of time and doesn't worth to respond to Einstein such jerks.

      Expecting more rotten stuff from you Einstein as we all readers now know that you have orphaned DNA that will not stop you to bark out your rambling kvetch


  5. Thank you for this post...:)

  6. House it is

  7. Thanks a lot. Very precise and simple.


  9. hi Ambal. I have a question? I had checked the BILL status by visting the link u provided. It showed up to 06/27/2013 and bill passed in senate. And i wanted to know about the Status of the bill in House aswell. do you have any news on the like 1)when is the dead line for the bill to get passed in House. and status of the bill in House? Any help is really appreciated :)

  10. Do you think whether this bill will be passed on or before Spring 2014?